What a brilliant start to Year 2!

We are already in the 6th week of the Autumn term! Where has the time gone?
We thought you’d like a sneak peek of what we have been up to in our Maths and Literacy lessons this half term.

In Maths we have been busy recapping our number knowledge and have had a lot of fun using practical equipment to represent different numbers. We have even looked at partitioning two digit numbers into Tens and Ones.

In Literacy we have been using the book: Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris to help inspire our descriptive language. We have learnt all about “expanded noun phrases” and have been using Colourful Semantics to support and develop our sentence structure.

A wonderfully illustrated story book – full of inspiring dragons!

A superb example of some of our descriptive writing.

Sports Day!

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, carers and relatives who came to support and join in the fun today at our Key Stage 1 Sports Day! We were lucky to have the sunshine we did and hope you all had a wonderful time cheering on the fantastic running, hurdles and obstacle races!

Musical friendship!

We have been singing a song called “Friendship”. We have been learning about the different parts of a song including the intro, chorus and verse as well as finding the pulse of the music. Here we are adding some lovely harmonies using the xylophones!

A visitor from the MET Office

As part of our Weather learning in Geography this term, we had a special visitor from the MET Office in Exeter. Rebecca showed us how the MET Office uses equipment to monitor and predict the weather. We then had a go at a few more weather experiments ourselves!

Year 2 Science Week

We’ve been busy scientists this week! We’ve been investigating a range of everyday items and carrying out experiments with them, including making whirlpools, testing a non-Newtonian fluid (quicksand!) and creating our own lemonade. Here are some of our favourite photos of our learning this week…

Mixing lemonade

Trying to melt the ice

Save that dinosaur!

Making a whirlpool

Cornflour and water – liquid or solid?

Mixing it well




STEM Fair at Tiverton Museum

This week Year 2 visited the Tiverton Museum to take part in their STEM fair, celebrating all things Science.  There were many engaging activities for us to complete and we were able to explore lots of scientific concepts: light and sound, materials and friction to name a few.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!

Making the sounds of a fire engine!

Team work builds a throne fit for royalty!

Our finished puppets!

The children have finished their puppets! They have sewn their puppets and decorated them. Their evaluations have shown how pleased they are and how much they have improved their skills. We hope your puppets enjoy their new homes!




Green Fingers!

This term in Science we have been busy learning all about plants, finding out what they need to grow and how they grow. We can even name the different parts of plants and explain what their role is.

We have really enjoyed watching the changes of our bean plants over the past few weeks!

Observing and filling in our plant diaries

Starting to sprout

Getting taller!