Paper making!

We have been basing our Literacy work on the book “Ten Things To Help My World” and as part of our learning about reusing and recycling, we made our own recycled paper! Sally from Recycle Devon came in to show us how to turn old paper into pulp and use it to make a new piece of paper. We all made our own piece to take home (when it was finally dry)! Have a look at these videos and activities to find out more about recycling in Devon.





Helping Our World!

Our new book in Literacy is called “10 things I can do to help my world” and we have already learnt about lots of different ways we can help protect our environment. 

In maths we are focusing on learning how to add and subtract different numbers. We will need to keep practicing our number bonds to 10 and 20 as these help us when solving trickier calculations.

We are also becoming really familiar with the countries and capital cities of the UK, we have played lots of games to help us remember them. You can try this one at home: Toporopa


Welcome to Year 2!

Our new Year 2s have made a great start to the new school year. We are working hard in Maths increasing our understanding of place value. We will also soon be starting to learn our times tables! Try playing Hit the Button to practise number bonds and times tables facts.

In Literacy, we have been reading the book “Tell Me a Dragon”, and creating some great writing about our own dragons as well as working on a non-chronological report about our favourite dragon from the book, the Ice Dragon!



Clay Monsters

The book we have been looking at is Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere.  To inspire our writing, we have created Clay Monsters.  We loved using clay but found it tricky to join the smaller teeth to our monster.  What fun we had!


Clapping to a Rhythm

Today, we have learnt how to write down our rhythms that we clap.  We used crotchets and quavers, focusing on just one bar, then repeating the rhythm in groups.  We enjoyed being musicians for the afternoon.  After that, we then learnt to march in time, as Harold Godwinson’s Army would have had to do, on the way to the Battle of Hastings.



Designing Castles out of Biscuits

Today, we have had a lot of fun! We have designed castles using the knowledge we have learnt this term.  But, we wanted a challenge so rather than drawing them, we made them out of biscuits and icing sugar.  We communicated our ideas and worked as a team to build our castles.  Some of us chose to do Motte and Bailey Castles, others made sure we included a stables.  What fun we had!