Year 2’s Trip to Escot!

On Monday 13th July,  year 2 went on an exciting adventure to Escot. We did lots of amazing activities including: badge making, maze seeking, swamp walking, drop sliding and marshmallow roasting.  As well as watching a birds of prey -presentation.  It was a fun filled packed day.

Our most memorable part was the swamp walk.  It was muddy and smelly.  We loved it!  Nearly all of year 2 went in, we couldn’t be more proud of them!  It was very exciting and very funny.  Some children were up to there necks in muddy swamp water and at the end looked like scary swamp monsters!

IMG_0459 IMG_0460 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466 IMG_0430 IMG_0431 IMG_0435 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644


Recycling Workshop in Year 2

Today w had a guess arrive in our classes to teach us all about recycling and what happens to our left over fruit skins.  We looked under a microscope and saw lots of exciting creatures.  We couldn’t stop talking about it.

IMG_0463 IMG_0462 IMG_0461 IMG_0458 IMG_0456 IMG_0455 IMG_0453 IMG_0464 IMG_0454

We would like to say a big thank you to our special guess for telling us so many fascinating facts about composing!

Lila and the Secret of Rain

We have had lots of fun so far this week reading our new story and discussing the characters and setting.  Here is some of our art that children have done to re create part and characters from the story.  We hope you like it.

IMG_0257   IMG_0256   IMG_0258

Lila and the Secret of Rain

We have started a new topic of Kenya based on the story ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’.  We have had lots of fun thinking of questions to answer and comparing and contrasting Kenya to the UK.  Watch this space for some African Art!

IMG_0255 IMG_0517