Our Endings to ‘The Dark’

We have been writing some fantastic endings to ‘The Dark’.  We have chosen one from each year 2 class to share with you.  We hope you like them as much as we do!

Laszlo slowly walked downstairs and the gloomy dark took him to a very dark basement, the basement that he said hello to in the mornings.  The dark tried to be nice to him,  but Lazslo was afraid of the basement and did not want to go down there.

Laszlo slowly walked towards the basement nervously and took tiny steps down the stairs.  The murky dark took him to a rusty cupboard which had been there for years.  In the cupboard was a rusty night light that hadn’t been used for years and that was Laszlo’s night light from now on and he was very happy.

By CJ  D4

Laszlo went into the murky basement and sure a key on a hook, the dark said it would lead him to a magic land far, far away.  He opened the key hole and they and they stepped in.

“It is dark in here, ” said Laszlo.

The dark said ” Never mind, you’ll be alright in here, I’ve been here before”.

“Okay, ” said Laszlo.

The tunnel led them far from Laszlo’s house, all the way to a costume party.  A girl came over and said “Please save our world robbers have moved closer and closer by the minute! we need you rhelp to protect our world please”

“Okay,” said Laszlo and the dark.  they tracked them over the mountains and Laszlo felt cold, they had to camp at night.  The dark had to leave Laszlo because he had to spread out to make it dark for that side of the world.

By F    D3


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