A spring surprise



Two of our children have made the gazette this week.  Check out the story


Designing a cake for the Queen

Today, we have celebrated the Queens 90th Birthday.

Did you know?

Her favourite dogs are Corgis.She owns lots of big houses and castles.  She is the longest running monarch in history.  She became queen in 1953.

To celebrate this we entered into a cake decorating competition against all year groups!  Here is a picture of our cake.

IMG_0820 What did you do at home to celebrate the Queens birthday?

Forest School Fun

In forest school this week, we continued to focus on animals habitats.  We found some creatures and we made homes for them.  We found a huge, slightly green slug, and carefully placed it into our home.

We found a giant worm in some soil and a centipede that we much quicker then it looked.

Year 2, what did you put in your habitats and why?

What do I eat?

Our science topic this term is habitats.  As part of this we have been discussing why certain animals live in certain places.

Today we have been discussing what they eat, whether they are a carnivore, omnivore or a herbivore.  We created a venn diagram to show how we grouped the animals.

Can you think of any sentences about any other animals?

E.G. A rabbit is a herbivore.  It eats grass.



Exclamatory Alien Sentences

This week we have been focusing on our sentence types: command, statement, question and exclamatory sentences.  We are getting so confident at identifying and creating exclamatory sentences.  All the adults in year 2 are very impressed.

Here are some photos of our aliens that we have designed with some exclamatory sentences.

Can anyone in year 2 add anymore exclamatory sentences from this week?


Remember, they must start with a HOW or What, have a verb and end with a !

What big, green eyes you have!