Clapping to a Rhythm

Today, we have learnt how to write down our rhythms that we clap.  We used crotchets and quavers, focusing on just one bar, then repeating the rhythm in groups.  We enjoyed being musicians for the afternoon.  After that, we then learnt to march in time, as Harold Godwinson’s Army would have had to do, on the way to the Battle of Hastings.




Designing Castles out of Biscuits

Today, we have had a lot of fun! We have designed castles using the knowledge we have learnt this term.  But, we wanted a challenge so rather than drawing them, we made them out of biscuits and icing sugar.  We communicated our ideas and worked as a team to build our castles.  Some of us chose to do Motte and Bailey Castles, others made sure we included a stables.  What fun we had!

Tiverton Castle Trip

We have had a fantastic day visiting Tiverton Castle.  We loved dressing up as Knights, Kings, Princesses and ladies, along with a Spider and Dinosaur!  We learnt so much.

Over 900 years ago, the first castle was built on a hill and was made out of wood, this was called a  ‘Mot and Bailey Castle’.  It didn’t last very long.  Toilets in castles were very different and were only big holes in the ground.A lot of castles today, are run down and parts of them have been destroyed because of age and war. The steps leading to the tower were very steep.