The Great Fire of London

Today we re-enacted the Great Fire of London.  Over the last two weeks we have spent time designing and making a variety of buildings from 1666.  We then burnt them down! To our delight, there was a strong wind today (like there was during the original fire) and everything caught fire very quickly.  We sang London’s Burning as we watched.

What a blaze it was!

Tell me a dragon

Today we went on a dragon egg hunt.  We had so much fun collecting the eggs and were sure to hold them carefully in case they hatched.  Once we were back in class we opened our eggs and discovered describing words that we sounded out in our talking partners.  We then used these adjectives to create a dragon in teams.  Check out the final outcomes.


Writing a Biography about Neil Armstrong

From the next two terms, we are learning and writing about Neil Armstrong.  Today, we had to work in teams to put in order a timeline of his events.  We found it a little tricky putting the dates in order but we got there in the end and we now know lots of interesting facts about Neil Armstrong and how to draw timelines.

What facts can you remember?

What is Neil Armstrong known for?

Food Chains

We have had so much fun learning about animals habitats and designing our own food chains.  Here is a picture of our science working wall which is jam-packed with everything we have been learning about.


Do you like our food chains we have designed?

Which is you favourite?

Designing a cake for the Queen

Today, we have celebrated the Queens 90th Birthday.

Did you know?

Her favourite dogs are Corgis.She owns lots of big houses and castles.  She is the longest running monarch in history.  She became queen in 1953.

To celebrate this we entered into a cake decorating competition against all year groups!  Here is a picture of our cake.

IMG_0820 What did you do at home to celebrate the Queens birthday?